Who Is Your Hero?

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Sometimes, I’m asked who my hero is. I used to answer by naming a celebrity. Earlier on I would have mentioned Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, Barack Obama or other well-known personalities. Then my answer gradually changed. I started answering that … Fortsættes

Do You Have the Courage to Commit?

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Courage to Commit is what you show when you make a choice – and stick to it!   Often a certain level of risk is involved and therefore it is even more important to maintain your course. Young people don’t … Fortsættes

How Do You Maintain Your Learning Agility?

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Being Learning Agile means knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.   Recognizing situations when you feel insecure will help you predict such situations and act in the most relevant way when they occur. We all … Fortsættes

How Do You Reinvent Yourself?

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Why do you need to repeatedly reinvent yourself? Well, during a lifetime you evolve so significantly that keeping the same descriptors simply doesn’t make sense. You go through many different life phases and your self-perception is often lagging as regards … Fortsættes

What Is Your Life Ambition?

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One of your greatest challenges in life is to make a living from what you care about – that which gives you deep satisfaction. When you reach this goal, you will feel on course and resilient. Your existential choice must … Fortsættes

How does The Four-Leaf Clover work for you?

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In my family we have a lot of sayings. One of them is “Do something”. This means that you need to take charge and move in a certain direction – not just wait and see what happens. Another is “both-and”. … Fortsættes

Pain is temporary – quitting lasts forever!

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Recently, my family and I had the pleasure of climbing Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest freestanding mountain, reaching Uhuru Peak at 5.895m. The magic combination of the full moon, the glorious sunrise, the view from the top of Africa, and the … Fortsættes

What Life Phase Are You In?

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I remember when I went to school I always imagined that some of my most competent friends would make it big someday. And now, when I occasionally meet them, the truth is obvious. Most people live average lives. That’s why … Fortsættes

Do You Dedicate 50% of Your Time to the Future?

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Responsibility stems from Response Ability. When you are aligned with your future then you are able to act effortlessly. You enter a state of Relaxed Readiness, which enables you to act without great effort. You feel as if your reservoirs … Fortsættes